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This is a picture of Georgena trying to get around a large rock obstruction along a trail.


This is the cover page to a document called Guidelines for Providing Trail Information to People with Disabilities.  It is divided into 5 sections.  There is a navigation bar at top and linked arrows in the upper and lower corners to move to the next page or to the previous.

The Table of Contents is the best way to negotiate the document as every topic is listed and linked directly to its page.

Every page is made up of a primary section of text in the right side of the page with graphics and support information in a margin along the left side of the page.

There is a footer on each page identifying the document name.

This is a picture of Georgena at the trail map kiosk at the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge with other people looking on.


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Funded through a generous grant from the Recreational Trails Program of the

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October 2013

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