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Use these checklists to determine where your organization needs to put its emphasis

Operations and procedures               

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  1. 43.Is the site staffed or wild?

  2. 44.Is Visitor Center staff trained?

  3. 45.Availability of printed materials?

  4. 46.Availability of tactile formats?

  5. 47.Availability of audio/MP3 formats?

  6. 48.Is there a shuttle to remote areas?

  7. 49.How is the trail maintained?

  8. 50.Is trail free from overhead objects?

  9. 51.Are edges well defined?

  10. 52.Are crushed rock trails compacted?

  11. 53.Are dirt trails properly drained?

  12. 54.Are closing hours defined?

  13. 55.Are closing procedures defined?

  14. 56.Do gates get locked?

  15. 57.Is there a closing sweep?

  16. 58.Is a contact number posted?

  17. 59.What kind of security is there?

  18. 60.Is an emergency number posted?

  19. 61.Is the trail multi-use?

  20. 62.Are any uses incongruous with PWD’s?

  21. 63.Is there a policy about service animals?

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