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Methodology - how did we develop these guidelines?

The topic of disability can be overwhelming and intimidating, even to people with disabilities, because the very nature of disability is so diverse and the needs of the individual are so personal.  Therefore, even though the Committee is comprised both of people with disabilities and people who are able-bodied, it determined that it was imperative to solicit additional input to its proposed guidelines to validate or challenge its conclusions and to gain further understanding in how people use trails.

Proposed guidelines which had been developed by the Committee were presented in a public forum and trail walk-through on June 10, 2011 at the Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge. 

A substantial number of comments was received which were sorted into their respective topics and which suggested new topics altogether.  By assimilating those comments, this document is now the final draft version of those guidelines and will be presented to public agencies and other non-profit entities during two other forums to be held during 2012.

Comments from previous presentations

  1. Comments from June 10, 2011, and how they were sorted into similar categories, can be viewed as a separate webpage. [No longer available.]

  2. Comments from the May 10, 2012 presentation, can be viewed as a separate webpage. [No longer available.]

Why did we choose this format for this document?

When this project was first considered, it was envisioned to create a printed document - a book of guidelines.  With the prevalence of web-based publication and the realization that most people who are blind or visually impaired now use computers to read, the Committee opted to focus on a web-based publication and one that is computer-reader aware.

This single-page format was chosen, so that anyone wishing to print this document could do so on a conventional home printer using Letter-size paper. 

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